Winter activity holidays are great for all the family

The autumn season has begun, and that only means that winter is just somewhere around the corner. Isn’t that just dandy?

Well, even thought the snow hasn’t started falling yet, it would be wise to start thinking about your plan for that great winter getaway for the whole family – after all, it is never too early to start anticipating the season of cheer and goodwill, especially in Lapland, Finland.

In Lapland, the winter starts earlier than in any other part of the country, or some parts of the world eve, as it begins sometime in the middle of October. As such, it is the longest season in the area (records show that it can last for more or less 200 days), which only means that you can enjoy a really long winter vacation with your kids. In addition to that, there are so many winter activities that you can choose from when in the area like the ones below or you can see trips here.

For example, in the Harriniva Adventures, you can enjoy a 6-day holiday with various fun and interesting activities. Of those six nights, five will be spent in a cosy hotel famous for its hospitable Finnish treatment of guests and visitors. In order to get guests together for some socialising, the hotel has a common TV room where everyone can get to chat with each other. Talk about bonding! The one night is somewhat special, as you get to spend them out in one of the wilderness cabins – giving you the chance to experience the Finnish wilderness at its finest. Those six days are filled with so many activities that will surely be enjoyed by the whole family. Younger kids will definitely love the visit to the reindeer farm and safari, while the older members of the family will have a blast with the snowmobile safari. Remember that one night in the wilderness? Well, the destination is great, but travelling there on huskies and sleds is a totally awesome experience. The Kittila Winter Adventures offer the same fun and exciting activities, sans the one night out in the wilderness cabins as all six nights are spent at the hotel.

Another popular adventure is the one in Jeris Winter Cottages, which offer pretty much the same activities as those mentioned above, but with the inclusion of a visit to the Torrassiepi River and some ice fishing as well as some cross country skiing. The night time is the most anticipated part of many guests though, as a tour guide will accompany you to a viewing point after dinner where you can get to see the magnificent Aurora Lights live, an activity that is not only a hit among kids but as well as adults.

Lapland is a great place to spend the winter, especially so when you’re with the whole family. The beautiful place is packed with awesome winter activities to do and enjoy – more than enough to make this winter vacation one that the kids and parents will not soon forget.

Photo by markusyk on Flickr

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