Which natural sugar alternative is the best option for you

almond and coconut cake

Almond and coconut cake

You will find varieties of sugar substitutes in the market, but which one is the best for you? There are many different types of artificial sugars that are available and are sold either as sugar free including chewing gums, soft drinks, jellies, baked goods, candy, fruit juice, yogurt and many more.

One benefit of artificial sweeteners is that they won’t contribute to tooth aches, helps with weight control and reduces chances of diabetes. As we have found, it is always better to take precaution and there is no telling what can happen later on in life health-wise when we are in our 20’s. A well balanced diet with minimal intake of sugar is the secret to living a healthy and wholesome life.

As youngsters we need to stay updated with the right ways of living and need to regulate our daily intake of sugar. By reading up articles online and health books, one can easily adopt a new lifestyle, wherein they feel happier emotionally, mentally and physically.

Make a few changes changes in your diet where you consume foods like brown rice syrup, this is a natural sugar syrup. It is a slow releasing sugar, so it doesn’t dump on your liver, as much as pure glucose.

Coconut sugar helps in lowering blood sugar levels and cause lesser fluctuations like blood sugar spikes. It contains nutrients that are rich in iron and zinc. Coconut sugar also makes up for a crucial ingredient in banana donuts.

Maples are high in iron, calcium and zinc, and some Maple syrup on top of a peanut butter banana toast or oatmeal makes your breakfast all the more delicious.

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