Visiting Enticing Gdansk, Poland

Poland is a captivating country with serene beauty and friendly people. This is very true as well to its fourth largest metropolitan city, Gdansk. Also the country’s main seaport, Gdansk does not only have fresh and delectable seafood, it has a great history, culture and modern attractions. I was bound to get my heart captured in this enticing and alluring city of Poland.

In olden times, Polish kings would parade around Poland during their visits through one particular route, the Royal Way. The Royal Way passes through three main places, Warsaw, Kraków and Gdańsk. Among these three, the Gdansk path was the shortest but the most refined. These days, many of the city’s greatest tourist attraction also reside along the Royal Way.

Upland Gate

The massive and impressive Upland Gate was the initial entry way of the kings during their tour along the western side of the Royal Way. Built in 1574, the historic site still stands erect, sturdy and proud. Personally, I found this particular structure awe-inspiring. Not just its size, but its aesthetic appeal as well is captivating to look at. It has an ornate design of unicorns, angels and lions.

Harbor Crane

The medieval Harbor Crane is a landmark in the city. Built in the mid 1400’s, the Harbor Crane in Gdansk is the oldest crane in the whole of Europe. This rustic structure is a true testament to Gdansk’s long standing harmonious relationship with the sea.

Motlawa River

The Motlawa River that runs through Gdansk is quite a picturesque sight. Even more impressive are the sites that line the banks of the river. These include the National Museum, the museum ship SS Soldek, a variety of seafood restaurants and floating cafes, and various other charming boutiques and shops.

Established in 1972, the National Museum along the riverbanks houses many classic and modern pieces of art and Polish history. The SS Soldek, on the other hand used to be a cole and ore cargo ship. This historic ship was the first ship built in Poland after the Second World War. These days, it has been preserved as a museum ship.

Gdańsk Główny Railway Station

The very red Gdańsk Główny railway station near the heart of the city is a true architectural masterpiece in itself. Since, the late 19th century, the Gdańsk Główny has been the center of Gdansk railway passenger transportation system. People from all over come and buss around its impressive halls.

Long Street

The Polish “Dluga” or otherwise known as the Long Street is heart of the city’s tourist attractions. This is where many of its main sites and landmarks, such as museums, shops, cafes and vintage pieces of architecture, are located.

All in all, Gdansk is another city that I will truly cherish in my memories. Its subtle beauty and rustic charm are just some of the many things I fell in love with. Its awesome people are also a big part of its appeal for me.

Photo by petrolly on Flickr

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