Top 4 Things to do on Your Barcelona Trip

Barcelona is one of the most exciting cities in Europe and in the World, the sheer volume of culture, color and life that is on display in the Catalan city makes it a place that you simply must visit this year. For Europeans there are a huge range of airlines which fly to Barcelona at incredibly cheap rates and for those outside of Europe, you can find great prices to Barcelona such is its status as an international airport.


If you will be heading to wonderful travel destination of Barcelona this year then we’ve put together top 5 things for you to do duirng your time in this incredible European capital.

Olympic Village

Barcelona is a city that has seen an incredible amount of urban change and you can take a private tour of urban transformations in Barcelona during your stay there. One location which you will visit during a tour and somewhere you should visit even if you don’t opt for the tour is Barcelona’s Olympic Village or La Vila Olímpica del Poblenou in the Sant Marti district of the city. The village was created for the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona and it still stands as a result of the beautiful, award-winning buildings which were created. During your time here you can tour the stunning buildings and even hit the casino for a little flutter.

Basilica de La Sagrada Familia

Barcelona is a city that was heavily designed around the visions of incredible architect Antoni Gaudi, his greatest vision and the jewel in the crown that is Barcelona is La Sagrada Familia, a gothic cathedral that has been hailed as one of the finest buildings in the World. This intricately designed building has been under construction since 1882 such is the fine detail of the building’s design, the building is almost complete and a visit to the cathedral will not be a wasted trip as you will be able to tour the building to witness for yourself the sheer beauty and magnitude of its design.

La Rambla

La Rambla is the main street of Barcelona city center which takes you from the Gothic Quarter all the way down to the beautiful harbor. La Rambla by day is filled with open-air bars and restaurants as well as local ad high street shops. By night however, La Rambla comes to life and and the nightclubs open, the market stalls move to the center of the street and you can buy any amount of local food and handmade crafts.

Camp Nou

Barcelona’s football team is like the heartbeat of the city and the happiness of the citizens is often dictated by the success of the team. The stadium of Barcelona is the Camp Nou, a monstrous 120,000 capacity stadium that is drenched with European footballing history, all of the greats down the years have played here and even if you don’t happen to be a football fan, you can’t help but enjoy a game at this famous stadium. The atmosphere here is absolutely incredible and enough to sweep any tourist off their feet with the Catalan passion on display.

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