Top 3 Things to Do in Bodrum

As a holiday destination, Turkey is crammed jam full of awesome resorts that appeal to holidaymakers from all walks of life. From the adventure seekers hoping to paraglide in Olu Deniz or raft along the Dalaman Stream to those who want to live the quiet life sampling the beaches of Bodrum and beyond, Turkey has something for everyone, with the western coast being awash with quality destinations.

While it may be a difficult choice to make, choosing between the various regions, Bodrum is a prime choice that can suit everyone. The superb cultural and historical opportunities add a different dimension to the holiday and by taking a look at, you can enjoy a stay here without breaking the bank. The mesmerising coastal city of Bodrum has a multitude of things on offer, with these three itinerary fillers being at the top of the list.

Visit the Museum of Underwater Archaeology

This incredible museum, arguably one of the best of its kind in and around the Med, can be found in the grounds of Bodrum Castle and presents an array of exhibitions that take you on a journey through time, introducing you to historic maritime figures as well as giving you the chance to discover shipwrecks and much, much more. Once the visit to the museum is done and dusted, spend the afternoon exploring the rest of the Castle that sits majestically in the bay of Bodrum.

Explore the Peninsula

The beaches, hidden coves and rustic villages that are scattered across the Peninsula would provide ample for you to head off and discover one day during your stay. Head away from the tourist hotspots and you can catch a glimpse of Bodrum off the beaten track – hire a car for the ultimate liberation.

Dive on Rabbit Island

Take a day trip to Rabbit Island, just 13 miles from Bodrum and take advantage of the excellent diving opportunities whilst you’re there. If that doesn’t take your fancy, perhaps spotting the wild rabbits and exploring the archaeological ruins will?

Of course, it’s just as easy to sit back and relax at a restaurant in the marina, watching the world go by. Take your pick from the fantastic range of activities available to you on your holiday to Bodrum.

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