The Sun, the Beach and the Miami Heat

Off again to travel the world and I landed on the best place to enjoy a vibrant and energetic vacation getaway. The bright and sunny atmosphere of Miami, Florida in the U.S.A., is so full of life and vigour, that I just couldn’t help but be swept up in its whirlwind of parties, exciting activities, and thrilling escapades. You don’t go to Miami with peace and tranquillity to be had in mind, yet, I’m sure you can have that as well if you want. Although, when there are so many gorgeous places and fun things to see and do just begging to have you experience them, why would you want to simply lay down and sleep through it all? I surely did not. I walked, I ran, I rode, I watched, I felt, I tasted, I smelled, I screamed, I laughed, and I lived it all like the big tourist that I was; and here are some of the places and things I encountered:

The Miami Port

The Miami Port is a massive bustling hub for cruise ships in all shapes and sizes, and from all cruise lines imaginable. Such is the reason for it being aptly regarded as the “Cruise Capital of the World”. Big names like the Norwegian Cruise Line, the Celebrity Cruises, the Carnival Cruise Line, the Royal Caribbean International and many more, dock their various awe-inspiring ships along the port. Stunning arrays of breath taking vessels of the sea line the port at the same time; just like a well-choreographed navy battalion.

South Beach

Miami is world-renowned for its magnificent beaches, and South Beach is a testament to why people just can’t have enough of this Florida city. A vast number of hotels, malls, boutiques, bars and other shops populate this lively beach strip. One can ride around the beach on a scooter or ride a jet ski around the gorgeous South Beach waters. I tried parasailing and it was definitely a life-defining moment. There are also themed-boat tours like the pirate ships where crews get dressed in pirate-style costumes.

Everglades National Park

This impressive park subjects guests to a captivating nature tour of the unique and special plants and animals around the area. The experience is a fresh and grateful departure from the highly technology-driven environment of the city center. Marshes, swamps and many other forest topographies are present in this sanctuary. Wild animals like panthers, crocodiles, alligators, etc. entertain visitors with their stunning display of natural grace and predatory instincts. There is even a swamp boat ride for a more extensive outdoors experience.

Miami Heat

Of course, if you are any self-respecting sports and basketball fan, you know of the Miami Heat. The team has won numerous NBA championships and is home to iconic players like Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade. The Miami Heat are kings of the basketball court and you can really feel their magnetic charisma every time they play because of the huge number of audience and fans they draw out. The Heat play their home games in the American Airlines Arena. The arena has witnessed may history-worthy plays throughout the years and has seen many crowd-frenzy games. I was blown away by the magnitude of fan adoration that I saw in the arena during a Miami Heat game.

Photo by jayant81 on Flickr

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