Sugar Rush in Hershey, Pennsylvania

There are just some things that are universally true among women. Our love for chocolates and sweets is one of them. I, for one, adore chocolates. Bring me to a chocolate town and I’ll be in heaven! I basically got what I wished for in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The sweetest place on earth is indeed nirvana to chocolate lovers like me. Yeah! I practically kissed the grounds of this town; that’s how much I worship it. There are chocolates everywhere, chocolate-themed amusement parks, shops, and many more. There are also gorgeous gardens and decadent leisure establishments that had me almost drooling in pleasure. The opulence and elegance of Hershey is unmistakable, and it translates to the quality amenities and service they offer.


The Hersheypark used to be just a leisure park for employees of Milton Hershey’s Hershey Chocolate Company to entertain themselves and their family. Today, the Hersheypark is a mega themepark with eleven (11) roller coaster rides and over sixty-five (65) other rides and attractions. Within the main park, there is a water park named the Boardwalk at Hersheypark. Adjacent to the Hersheypark is an 11-acre exciting and fun wildlife zoo packed with over 200 animals native to North America.

Hershey’s Chocolate World

Hershey, Hershey, Hershey – heaven! Everywhere I go in Hershey I am reminded of chocolates. When I entered the Chocolate World, I felt like I was submerged in everything Hershey, the all-American chocolate everybody loves.  In the Chocolate World, kids of all ages (ehemm!) get to experience the fun activities like a 10-minute chocolate tour; a create-your-own-candy-bar event; a 4D Hershey movie presentation; and, of course, the tasting! Chocolate tasting was one of the highlights to my visit.

Hershey Museum

They say for over a century, the term “Hershey” has always been linked to America’s favourite chocolate. The founder of Hershey’s Chocolate Company is Milton Hershey. Mr. Hershey created a chocolate empire. From a business empire, he created an actual chocolate land located in Pennsylvania. Hershey, Pennsylvania is a town that actually revolves around chocolates.

The Hershey Museum commemorates the entire history of the Hershey legacy. From Milton Hershey’s humble beginnings to the company’s present works, the museum showcases various interactive activities that everybody can appreciate. There are 5 main and permanent exhibits and then there are special, limited time exhibits.

Hotel Hershey

The magnificent Hotel Hershey is a study of beauty and an enduring resilient legacy started by Milton Hershey. The first class service and amenities in this hotel is impeccable. More than 200 luxurious rooms comprise the Hotel Hershey; each one, infused with that whimsical and warm atmosphere I can associate with the Hershey community. There are deluxe and suite rooms, and then there are Woodside cottages. Gorgeous cottages that one can rent per room or per cottage, offer a truly relaxing guest experience.

Another great feature of the Hotel Hershey is the famous Chocolate Spa. I truly enjoyed this spa amenity of the hotel. Getting wrapped up in chocolate is not a bad way to relax and rejuvenate one’s body and soul.  

Photo by mr_t_in_dc on Flickr

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