Spending time with your BFF

Pura Luhur Bali Sunset (Creative Commons)

Pura Luhur Bali Sunset (Creative Commons)


After the family, a best friend is the person with whom we share the most wonderful moments in life. Many have spent their childhood, adolescence and even adulthood together since they know that their BFF is trustworthy and also someone who will never turn their back on them. Spending time with your friend helps in building trust and friendship, which is also the reason we prefer confiding and share secrets with them.

Friendship is regarded as the cherry on top of the sundae as all throughout our lives we have come across many great people with whom we have bonded and shared great moments. Perhaps the biggest change that everyone may agree upon is the amount of time you used to spend together. When youngsters are in their early twenties, limitless time is what they have the most. This allows them to travel to other cities or just down the road to catch up with their BFF at any time they want. This is the period of life where they can afford to take countless trips together to various location around the world. Every plausible excuses are valid to hang together when you are younger, and this included birthdays, having a new boyfriend or girlfriend, job promotions or it being just Friday, or any other day. Most people would love to meet their high school BBF’s and spend endless hours talking and reminiscing on the good old memories of their time spend together.

With the teenage days gone, it is now a rare privilege for many to share some good times with their BFF since everyone now has their own house to look after, kids, job etc. The girls/boys nights out or shopping days are something that happen once or twice in a year however at Bingo Extra, you can share some daily fun times with your BFF in the bingo rooms! With the accessibility that this mobile site offers, you can log in anywhere and anytime you wish whether be in on desktop, mobile and tablet. This gives you the possibility of sharing some bingo games with your BFF while having a good chat on your way to work, during lunch time, on your way back home and even after putting the kids to bed or attending to all your tasks. Bingo Extra is the playground where you can chit-chat 24/7 while being in a fun and safe atmosphere!

So what are friends for? They are there to support us in our commitments, to escort us gently away from risks, and to help us to cultivate our thoughts and insights. They are also the person we would head to for comfort as they will always give you their shoulder to cry on and even a bear hug when things are not always how we anticipate. It is therefore primordial to take out some time to spend with your BFF who will always be all ears to the extraordinary things that you have come across.

Even though it is hard to spend the same amount of time as you would together as teenagers, it would be more than sufficient to take out a few hours on a weekly or monthly basis to catch up!


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