Sensational Kiev

When I visited Kiev Ukraine, I was blown away by the many fascinating and magnificent buildings; from the older ones to the newly built. The culture and religion of the people of Kiev are depicted by so many elegant churches and monasteries. Travelling to Kiev is one exciting adventure. I really planned this trip to Kiev Ukraine, for it has many landmarks that attract me, places the postcards just cannot describe.

Historical Sites

Kiev has a long list of history and historical sites that I explored and uncovered in my trip.  First in my stop is the gigantic Golden Gate Zoloti Vorota a reconstructed ancient gateway to the city walls of Kiev dating back to the Byzantine times. It is a nice place to explore, to have a picture, and as an inspiration for future usage.  Another fascinating site I visited is the Nuclear Missile Museum where it highlighted the many nuclear silos during the cold war, as well as the type of missiles used and living quarters for the soldiers. The inspiring Chernobyl Museum to draw awareness for the future generations from the disaster of Chernobyl, together with a professional guide, the museum is trying to educate the visitors on the ways and means to prevent another Chernobyl accident.  Another thing I saw is the Great Patriotic War memorial in which some old soviet tanks have been displayed. I really had a great time seeing these places.

Religious Sites

Kiev has a diverse culture concerning religion dating back during the conversion of the Byzantine Orthodox Church to Judaism and Islam. As I visited these religious sites I came across St. Michael’s Golden Dome Monastery where I was quickly overwhelmed by its grandeur. The beautiful design of the monastery is so elegant that I can’t take my eyes off it.  After the St. Michael’s Monastery, there are still many wonderful churches and monasteries such as the St. Andrews Church and the St. Sophia Cathedral that have a cool ensemble of mosaics and frescoes in the world. The idea and concept behind these magnificent structures are so alluring; they make my trip in Kiev a truly worthwhile experience.

Around the City

Touring around the city of Kiev is fascinating as I watched the people go to their respective works and the town is bustling with sounds of the busy streets. I travelled from one public square to another public square.  The Maidan Nezalezhnoski republic square is a hub for people, locals and visitors alike.  Also a great tour was around the Dhipro River and watching the many boats travelling in the river. I was really fascinated by the Pyrohovo Folk Architecture Museum in which incorporated are the domes and arches of the churches, and other huge buildings into a house.  It is so intriguing.  As I toured a little more of Kiev, I noticed that statues are present all over the city. These statues include the like of Lenin, Prince Volodymyr, composer Lisenko, Skovodora, and many more.

Local Delight

Kiev offers many delightful ways for me and other tourists to feel at home, such as restaurants, accommodations, and other stuffs. I visited and dined in many shops around Kiev like the Puzaka Khata Ukranian Buffet Restaurant to have some delicious meal of local cuisine. For some sweet craving I tried the local ice cream shop, and had some coffee to close my appetite. After some eating activities, I watched some locally produced shows like Carmen at the Kiev Opera House. To finish my trip in Kiev, I visited the streets of Vladmirkaya and Bohdana Khmelnyt’koho for some exciting attractions and souvenir shopping.

Photo by sugarmeloncom on Flickr

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