Savory Kentucky

A breath of fresh air – that is what I experienced when I went traipsing into the gorgeous state of Kentucky. Kentucky is the all-American state widely recognized as “bluegrass region” for its rich and fertile soil. It is a place filled with pasture land that can be seen through the various best livestock produce.

KFC Museum

Kentucky is best known for its fertile lands that are great for raising horses, but one thing that will always resemble to the state is a chicken, the Kentucky Fried Chicken. The Kentucky Fried Chicken or popularly known as KFC is a fast food chain that deals on chicken recipe. The KFC recipe was first developed by Colonel Sanders or Harland Sanders and became an instant hit. The state of Kentucky acknowledges the first KFC restaurant as a historic site. The KFC museum still holds the authentic and original Colonel Sanders kitchen, as well as a diorama of the Sanders’ first business of court and café. In those sites in the museum one can adore and be admiring on the beginnings of the beloved chicken dish. Another thing to be found in the museum is the many paraphernalia of the history of the business and the bust and statue figure of Colonel Sanders.

Kentucky Horse Park

One of the popular attractions in Kentucky is on its fabulous breed of horses through its lavish bluegrass land. The state raises many wonderful horses that are essential to the horse industry as well as for championship races.  The Kentucky Horse Park which is situated in Lexington offers a unique view and insight on anything and everything that is horse related. Horses of over 115 can be seen at the park through several barns that are accessible and dedicated to kids.  Also found are carriages, mounted police horses, and the champion horses. The place is jump packed during horse shows as the many owners around the globe loan their horses to take part in the show. The park also exhibits many champion horses and their resting places.

Kentucky Distillers Association

Kentucky offers an enlightened view of wine making through a series of trails along Bourbon road, famous for Bourbon wine or American whiskey making industry. One can partake on the trails and history of the business by making tours and stops on several key companies like the largest bourbon distillery of Jim Beam American Still House, the Maker’s Mark Distillery, or the Spanish style architecture of the Four Roses Distillery, to name a few. The trail includes a tour of the distilleries, the warehouses, and the processes in the distillery. The trail also provides a demo for tourists and visitors on the company’s products as well as some skills on wine mixing. The demo will surely be loved by many mixologists and culinary savvy persons.


The sights found in Kentucky that can awe the world include the Kentucky races that have been watched over by the globe to find who the race winner will be.  Then there is the enlarged replica of the Lincoln Memorial like in Washington D.C. with Kentucky being the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. Another popular activity in Kentucky is to ride on a river cruise along the state’s many waterways. The waterways will give joy to tourists and visitors to feel the adrenaline rush of water based attractions like boating, kayaking, jet skiing, and many more.

Photo by eyeno on Flickr

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