Reasons Why I Love Indonesia

I recently just got back from travelling Asia and I want to take a minute to talk about my favourite country that I visited, Indonesia. This gorgeous archipelago features just over 300 tiny islands that offer a crazy blend of cultures and ways of life. In the past Indonesia has been under the rule of several European and Asian nations that have added to the mixture of styles and influences placed on the country and the result is a brilliant nation filled with variety. Here are 5 reasons why I absolutely loved Indonesia.



With so many islands come so many beaches and although I’m usually not the first person to talk about how beautiful beaches are in a particular place, I can honestly say that Indonesia offers some of the finest. Bali for example has beaches that are packed with life, party atmospheres with beach bars, loud music and plenty to do on the sand, in contrast you have places like Bintan island that offers calm, unspoiled beaches with a huge range of water sports available and secluded spots to relax by the Ocean.



During my time in Bali and Jakarta I quickly realised how much the Indonesians love to party. Bali is like a mecca for party lovers with countless nightclubs, themed bars and a 24 hour attitude to going crazy, perfect for a fun-filled weekend. In Jakarta the nightlife is more varied with many bars and some huge nightclubs that attract some of the best DJ’s from around the World. Most venues are open until 8am and in general people don’t hit the party until 11pm or midnight, a great place to let your hair down after a busy day in this chaotic city. I found my hotel on Traveloka which was in the centre and extremely close to a strip of bars and clubs a perfect location for partying and I think mine was the best room to stay in as when I wasn’t partying I used to love watching people fall out of the clubs from my window at 8am.



As I mentioned before, the blend of colonial rule and a mixture of the many tribes that occupied the Indonesian islands have resulted in some fantastic culture and historical remains. Also Indonesia is a very religious country and the temples that I visited and the old colonial buildings offer some outstanding architecture. My favourite temple was the Uluwatu temple in Bali, it is set at the top of a cliff which offers outstanding views, inside the temple there are around 50 monkeys that live in the temple walls, they freely leap around over your head and add to the spiritual ambience of the temple. Each time I travelled from island to island or city to city I would always come across these stunning colonial buildings or historical features in the land. Indonesia really is a city of discovery and I love it.

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