Panoramic Washington State

The state of Washington in the United States offers a beautiful glance of seeing a picturesque panoramic view of natural landscape. The state creates a pleasant atmosphere to anyone visiting the place. The natural amenities in the area and their pleasant appeal are both comforting and glamorous to eyes of observers and visitors.

My visit to the state of Washington is a memorable one as I happen to visit in four regions which offer a wonderful experience. The activities I did were mostly related to nature such as trekking along the state’s natural reserve.  It is a fun thing activity especially for someone wanting to have a lesser pace environment.


Seattle Washington is a world renowned city for it is being one of the bases of operation for many world class products.  Companies like Starbucks, Amazon.Com and Boeing call the city home. The city has many features that would encourage travelers to visit Seattle. The Boeing flight tour for instance gives one a chance to see the operation of making planes from one of the biggest plane manufacturers. The tour lets one see the assembly area, the finishing area, and even the final testing.

I really enjoyed the Boeing tour as it excites me to see planes especially in production as I’m a frequent flier. The tour gives me satisfaction that every time I ride a plane it is safe and is properly maintained.  And my best time in Seattle includes a tour to Puget Sound.  Eating clams, salmon, and nectar at a longhouse at Tillicum Village is fantastic.


Tacoma is another city in the state of Washington; it is a medium sized urban center. Tacoma has a variety of attractions that could entice one to visit the city. The Le May Car Museum is one place must be visited as it offers educational, cultural, and historical significance and contribution of automobiles in the society. The Museum of Glass offers an artistic view of what can be shaped; it creates visual imagination and fascination upon watching the different glass shape displays.

The museums in Tacoma are a remarkable display of arts and science at its finest. I liked the Le May museum as it offers the in depth history of automobiles in the country that helped define United States today. The glass museum is a beautiful display of artistry; it is fascinating for me to see the displays especially seeing the live demonstration of glass making. Tacoma certainly has a unique charm.


Spokane region of the state gives other pleasant things to do as it has many to offer. Spokane has properly preserved of what is left world during the ‘74 fair expo like in the riverfront, the famous pavilion, clock tower, garden, IMAX theatre, sky ride and carousel.  The Spokane falls is fascinating to see as I can feel the rush of water.

Spokane has many museums to choose from for a sightseeing adventure and an elegant scenic drive location for anyone wanting to see natural landscapes.  My itinerary points me to the site of ‘74 expo and jog along the centennial trail for some fun activity. And then I went to see the falls that is remarkable to my delight and went on a beautiful road trip across a scenic landscape of forested hills, sparkling waterfalls, and snow capped mountains that pretty much made me a happy camper.


Vancouver Washington offers the pleasure of bigger cities with the charm and hospitability of a small town urban city. Vancouver is a bustling commercial center for medium sized metropolis. The city offers a relaxing view of Americana, in which some facilities cater to the style of the past. It gives a glimpse on the lifestyle of the people with some old school bowling and grand cinema viewing with luxury improvements that are visible only in a small town community.

The best part for me in Vancouver Washington is the elegance of its lakes and beaches. The beach offers a picturesque backdrop of the surrounding while the lake park gives me joy of swimming in a new environment as well as camping, hiking, picnicking, and fishing for some trout which is exciting.

Photo by joshhough on Flickr

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