Nature’s Bounty: Ulsan, South Korea

Ulsan city is a seaside metropolis in South Korea. The city is the industrial sector of the country with companies like Hyundai group of companies and others which make the center for industries in the country. Ulsan is starting its drive to be a major tourist destination by promoting its beauty and wonder of the Yeongnam Alps, opening its door to the world’s biggest industrial complexes, and offering an eco-friendly tour of whale watching.

Ulsan is an alternative to travel and enjoy the beauty of nature in a place full of natural scenery. The city offers amenities catering to nature lovers that are eco-friendly and promoting healthy lifestyle.

Nature Trekking

One of the best spots to visit in Ulsan is the Yeongnam Alps and other mountains for their stunning beauty and picturesque landscape of the city. The trail sites along Mt. Gaji and Mt. Ganjeolgot offer beautiful places for an exciting trek up the mountains and receiving the blessing of sunrise. The Mountains have great panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

The mountain trekking for me is a exciting adventure, as I make my way up the mountains is a good exercise along with the pleasant atmosphere. It’s awesome. The views from Mt. Daeun are elegant as I stumble upon pools of waters and waterfalls which are remarkable.

Whale Watching

Whales are beautiful marine creatures with their massive sizes and fine features making them one of the beloved animals in the world. In Ulsan one can experience and actually see whales in their natural habitat.  In the city’s jangsaengpo area is a once whaling port now serving an eco-friendly tour of spotting whales in the ocean which is an adrenaline fun adventure.

The experience of whale watching starts at the coast guard for some form to be filled up before one can proceed to the waters. Upon completing my registration, I immediately rode a boat on the waters of Jangsaengpo for possible sightings of whales. And I was fortunate to see pod whales swimming, so remarkable to watch. For an inland whale experience is to visit the whale museum in Jangsaengpo and learn the story of whales, dolphins, and even whale hunting of the past. The museum is a great place to visit to gain insights about whales in the country.

Industrial Tour

Ulsan City is home to several worlds’ largest company such as in automobile, ship building, and oil refinery. The city started to use the industrial sites as one of its tourist attractions. And for many industrial aficionados like myself seeing the industrial complex is a treat especially when visiting the buildings and assembly areas.

The views from outside the industrial complexes are still beautiful sites to look at; especially when the machineries come and go, the area is a delight to watch. At the top of Mt. Muryong one can see the movements of the industrial complexes especially during night time.


One of the best sites in Ulsan is in its downtown area where the stalls selling various products and restaurants are lining up the streets along with the peaceful ambiance, making the visit a relaxing thing to do. The calm and cool breeze of the old fishing ports is a picturesque setting.

In the Samsandong area is where I like best as it has top class shopping centre of Samsung and Lotte offering a great time to do shopping in Ulsan. And the Lotte Ferris Wheel that I rode is an icon of the city that lets me see the panoramic view of Ulsan. The site around Ulsan is a beautiful place to visit.

Photo by jasonteale on Flickr

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