Nature Friendly Aruba

Aruba is an island in the Caribbean under the Dutch Antilles region. The island promises a perfect getaway for family and friends to enjoy the bounty of nature. The thrills in stories depicting the island make it more interesting and fascinating to visit Aruba.

Aruba for me is a paradise, full of natural scenery and activities. The fresh air I breathed was so refreshing that made me in an upbeat condition throughout my stay in the island.

Beach Head

When one talks about an island; the one thing that comes to mind is where the beaches are. And in Aruba one would not be disappointed, as it has some of the majestic beaches and waters. The fun at the beach is so festive during the day and wild through the night.

The Palm and Eagle beaches are among the best that I ever been to. The Palm Beach has many high end hotels and restaurants that I had pleasant memories of and made my trip even happier. At the same time, the waters around Eagle beach are so mystifying for me to see those bright turquoise colored waters; so amazing!

Shipwreck Fun

The fun adventure in Aruba continues deep under water with hopes of finding treasure and knowledge of the several ships left under the water. The remains of the passenger ship Bianca C and Antilles can be explored in the island.

I really loved swimming in the Malmok Bay, and it was where I’d gone down the waters to enjoy examining and touring a shipwreck. The cargo ship Antilla was one of my favorite dive spots. The joy of swimming with fishes while traveling the inside and out of the ship was so wonderful. I loved diving into a shipwreck especially in Aruba.

Outdoor Scene

The outdoor fun in Aruba includes the water activities of surfing, boating, swimming, snorkeling, and many more. While on land the island provides great trekking activities by any of rock climbing, horseback riding, land cruise safari, or others that will surely provide thrills and excitement.

The guided tour around the largest passenger submarine to me was very unique and cannot wait to try it again. The submarine was fully air conditioned with some large view areas. I was a little bit frightened when the submarine started to descend up to the 150 feet spot. And after it reached the underwater area it was purely magical with all kinds of fishes roaming the waters.  I also felt having a thrill and goose bumps as we passed along the shipwrecks.

Enlightening Sanctuary

Aruba being an island of natural scenery is home to some elegant species such as butterflies and other creature that were lovely to see. The butterfly farm could enlighten anyone with the beauty of butterflies flying and hovering around. The Bubali bird sanctuary on the other hand was a location best suited for watching birds at their own habitat.

The many natural parks of the island were educational, fun, and interesting to observe and watch in the Caribbean island. The ostrich farm was also a good place to visit, as I happened to like it there. The excitement and thrill I felt when feeding the ostrich was both fun and scary. The lovely animals were so attentive and approachable when I talked and touched them.

Photo by nestoracle on Flickr

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