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Chengdu is a sub-provincial city in the Sichuan province situated in the country of China. Chengdu has an abundance of fertile lands and wonderful people making the city as one of China’s most livable city. The region is one of the country’s hubs for economics, transportation, and more; making it one of the important cities of China and a great place to visit.

The city is a welcoming city as I being immersed into the lives of the locals the moment I stepped foot in the city. I like Chengdu for many reasons being an animal lover and (archaeological and historical) practitioner to visit and witness the beautiful scenery of the region with full of fascinating stuffs to see and explore.

Meet the Pandas

Visiting Chengdu would not be perfect for any trip without seeing the friendly and cuddly giant pandas. The giant pandas are endangered animals that are mostly seen in the provinces of Sichuan, Gansu, and Shaanxi in the country of China. The panda base or the Chengdu Panda Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is a facility catering to the research and study of giant pandas. The panda base is open to public that offers a glimpse and learning on how the panda moves and lives.

The panda base is a wonderful learning tour for me; I really liked the cuteness of the giant pandas by the way they move, eat, and sleep; a beautiful sight to see. The giant pandas are cuddly to watch especially when they are active. The best time to visit is around 8 AM as they are very much playful; around 10 AM – 2 PM, many of the pandas are already sleeping.


The people of Chengdu and for most Chinese a mahjong is a favorite past time activity to do for the entire family, friends, and colleagues. A mahjong is skills game with strategy and calculation involving around the 144 tiles with Chinese characters and symbols written. The mahjong can be seen played around the city of Chengdu from inside the households to the streets and tea houses.

The mahjong is interesting for me to watch as I don’t know how to play it, but the people are very enthusiastic about the game that made me feel attracted to play. It is fascinating to see people around the streets carefully and seriously playing the game of mahjong. The game of mahjong or the people playing is a site to look for in Chengdu.

Ancient Town

The city of Chengdu is one of China’s many old towns. In Chengdu one can find many ancient towns with buildings offering an authentic outlook of the past architecture and style. The areas of Loudai, Jinsha, and Jinli offers a glimpse of past as it has still preserved or used the ancient style buildings and construction methods. It is a remarkable view to watch.

The archeological area of Chengdu is a wonderful site for me to visit as it exposes the traditional lifestyle of the people and buildings. And also in the region is a chance to discover ancient artifacts in the archaeological site areas.

World’s Largest Building

Chengdu in the modern times is in progress with the New Century Global Centre, a multipurpose building. The New Century Global Centre is considered to be the biggest building by floor spaces. The center has offices, commercial districts, IMAX cinemas with a pirate ship and ice skating rink inside. The fabulous centerpiece of the complex is the artificial beach for a fascinating sight.

The wave pool in the centre is interesting for me as one is ordered to use a life vest while in the pool which is different from practices in Western parks. The overall design and amenities is a good and perfect area to visit and do surfing in the center. I like the style and highlights of the center which is why I got plenty of photos taken from the center of the wave pool.

Photo by preetamrai on Flickr

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