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I have been playing online bingo for more than two years now, and I absolutely love the game. So I thought I should share my passion for this game with you. There are hundreds of sites available online and how we choose to pick a site is entirely up to us to decide. Mostly player choose sites based on the offers that they are providing. For me, it is very important that the site should have the best reload bonuses. Meaning that the site should be providing good bonuses on each and every deposit that you make. This is worth your money and helps you save on a lot as well.

GameVillage bingo has every day bonus offers for all depositing players and most of the time they even have the choice of either taking casino cash or bingo bonus, whatever it is that they require more. Apart from this, the site has unique promotions and jackpot games that you cannot find anywhere else.

When you play at GameVillage bingo, you have an exclusive membership in the site’s forum where all site and player related information can be found. This is where I get to know everything that is new on the site. This month there is an all new deposit wheel that is guaranteed to give all depositing players a real treat. How this works is, you need to make a deposit of £22 nothing more, nothing less and you have a free spin. Players are guaranteed to win from a pool of prizes that include a £10 bonus, 500 bingo tickets, lucky draw entries etc.

All new players on the site are welcome to a 400% bonus offer plus a free spin. However, the welcome bonus offers a free spin not on the deposit wheel but on the first deposit wheel, where you are guaranteed to win prizes as well that start with a £15 cash prize to 200 bingo tickets and 5000 free bets.

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