Muchas Gracias Lima

The largest and capital city of Peru, Lima holds mix and diverse fields of history and culture. The city is under the rule from Spain for around 300 years that comprise to the city’s colonial appeal. The city is also taking steps towards modernization with buildings towering the city skyline.

The many wonderful mix culture applications found in the city, the variety of foods are what make me intrigued to try on the many delicious dishes. The abundance of local produce is one primary aspect of making good Peruvian cuisine.

Bona Petite

The variety of Peruvian dishes that can be tasted on in Lima is based on the fresh seafood available on the country’s cold coast and the ingredients found in natural habitat of the mountains, coast, and the Amazon region. The appetizer and main dish are savory; making one in a hurry to try and eat fodds like cebiche, causa, antichucos, and many more.

I loved being in Lima as the foods that were served were carefully done with ingredients made from the finest catch and produce. The escabeche fish appetizer with onions, peppers, scallops, and others is a good dish that reminds me on my journey when I was in the Philippines which also served escabeche.

Adventure Trails

The natural terrain and topography of Lima is ideal to try on some nature trails with thrills beyond imagination. The coast of Lima and the country is a venue for surfing activities with schools and shops offering lessons to the novice individuals. Boating and kayaking are also fun things to do while in the waters of the city’s coast.

The city of Lima offers a picturesque beauty worthy to be discovered while on foot or hopping on a bicycle. The bike tours for me were excellent with me having the best time of both exercising under the warm weather and seeing scenes of elegant masterpieces.  They were truly awesome and inspiring for me.


The sites in Lima are kind of mix between colonial period unto the modern times. The Plaza Bolivar is one stop visitors should take as it is the location of the congress building and the museum of inquisition. The museum of Inquisition presents the history of Lima with a design and façade that make a splendid colonial style type mansion. The neighborhood of Barranco offers a relaxing atmosphere of Bohemian flair; the district has a cozy and picturesque look which is wonderful to watch.

I loved the colonial style buildings as they tell the story of the presence of foreign rule. The Spanish colonial influence invisibly present is one fine architecture style for me and still quite popular. I also liked the contrast of ideas between the heritage and colonial era buildings with the rise in power of many modern and tall buildings.  I think they all make a spectacular view.

Sidetrack Machu Picchu

While in the country of Peru and the capital city of Lima one cannot miss the adventure of visiting one of the new 7 wonders of the Machu Picchu. The Machu Picchu is considered to be an estate of the Incas and their ruler, the emperor. The structures found in the area are mostly if not all made from classical Inca style.

The Machu Picchu is an incredible site to be in with beauties of nature surrounding the mystical place. I was feeling mystified and experienced shivers as I saw the remnants of the lost civilization. It made me wonder on how the Incas lived, making me feel a bit nostalgic leading me to seek answers to many questions about their lifestyles.  The visit was a very meaningful one.

Photo by kumix on Flickr

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