Magnificent Pyeongchang, South Korea

Pyeongchang is a city in the Gangwon region of South Korea. The scenery in Pyeongchang consists of very decent landscapes and wonderful background of the hillsides. The fascinating sites of the region give the place a wonderful feeling of positive energy.

The revitalizing appeal of the region gives me an awesome stay in Pyeongchang. The energy I got from the fresh air of nature and the abundance of natural freshness makes me ready to go back to work at a 100 percent scale. The visit to Pyeongchang was a magnificent experience and it gave me a chance to learn culture and sports, while being energized from the bounty of nature.


The beautiful countryside of Pyeongchang is a breath of fresh air. The scene found in the area of Daegwallyeong-myeon provides 360 degrees of natural wonders atop a mountain pass. The activities that can be done in the region include interacting with livestock, and watch them graze the lands naturally; it is cool. The trail of Samyang ranch is a wonderful location with a natural landscape that is perfect for relaxation and picnicking.

The area of Daegwallyeong was a wonderful place for me as I pretend to be the lady in the Korean movies: “Lover’s Concerto” and Autumn in my Heart”. The scenery around the city is really majestic in nature, and I love it.


The beautiful mountain views of Pyeongchang make the site of many historic landmarks that are recorded in the history books. In the mountain range of Odaesan which is about 1,563 meters in elevation has some of the best temples such as the Woljeongsa. The Woljeongsa temple was built during the Silla dynasty with wonderful feat engineering and architecture.

The principles of the temple reflect what the Bodhisattvas believe in.  And they made the mountain ranges their dwellings. The hermitage is located in five directions, and it would take some time to see them all. The statue of the Bodhisattva beside the pond is a magnificent sight to watch.

Food Galore

The place of Pyeongchang is famous for its buckwheat noodles from a culinary hero Buckwheat who is immortalized in the Korean literature. The buckwheat noodle is similar to a naengmyeon but with a much smoother texture of the noodles. The buckwheat crepe and tofu is a delight to see and taste with its jelly texture on the tofu.

The food around Pyeongchang is of buckwheat ingredients. And I find it fascinating to observe how many dishes can be made out of it. The process of making such dishes is what I admired most, as the cooks and chefs carefully cooked the dish.

Snow Time

The city of Pyeongchang and the region of Gangwon will be the host of the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics. When the winter games slowly approach the hype, having activities at the future winter site also increases. The ski sites of Yeongpyeong and Bokwang Phoenix Park offer a world class amenities and facilities. The Yeongpyeong Ski resort is one family friendly environment in which anyone can partake on the resort’s 22 slopes with levels from novice to experts. The Phoenix Park is one trendy ski resort perfect for modern attraction savvy people.

I like the place very much, as it offers lessons for beginners like me. It took me a while to be able to learn the basics of moving forward and stopping. The ski adventure is one of the many highlights I cherished while being in Pyeongchang.


Photo by koreanet on Flickr

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