Madagascar: A Marvelous Paradise

Off to a paradise island! Madagascar is an island country situated in the Indian Ocean. The country’s landscapes are mostly untouched; thereby bringing a magnificent view of what nature should look like without the hindrances of too much technology. As I visited Madagascar, I found myself trekking the vast unexploited surroundings. The trees and plants have been growing there for a long time. It was really fascinating to tour around the island. As my companion and I travelled across the rugged terrain and as the 4wd trekked the rocky roads, we came upon the town of Madagascar. It was interesting to learn about the culture of this place and how the people made themselves adapt to the society.

Tsingy De Bemaraha

The Tsingy De Bemaraha is a nature reserve located in the western coast of Madagascar. What is fascinating about the area is the massive formation of karst limestone that makes up the site. To get the site, we had to travel through the rocky terrain; but as we reached the destination, we realized the hassle of getting there was worth it. The view was just divine. I basically had goose bumps as we saw the total area of the nature reserve. It frightened us a little bit as a troop of lemurs jumped around us.  The lemurs were curious too. The trip to Tsingy was splendid, and for that I promised myself, I would be coming back in the future.

Exotic Trees

As I roamed around Madagascar, I noticed that there were plenty of flowers and plants that were very interesting to study. There was the Baobab tree which is a landmark tree in Madagascar. The form of the tree was unique and it was my first time to see one like just that. Next flora on my list was the palm tree of Madagascar. Then there was the Alluaudua tree that looked like many tangled stems. The new knowledge I gained while I was in Madagascar, to me, was very fascinating.  For nature lovers like me, Madagascar is like a playground that you would want to come back to again and again.

Nature Gazing

As I travelled across Madagascar, I brought myself to the place where nature rules. There were bird and whale watching activity for visitors. Then, I found myself on the waters on the eastern coast of Madagascar as my fellow tourist and I took a boat tour and followed the trail of the humpback whales. I took a picture of the whale jumping off the water. Water was splashing into our boat. All of a sudden a pod of humpback whales raced each other to the ocean.  It was a fascinating site to see.  Afterwards, we headed back to land to do some bird watching. There are many varieties of birds in the island. They include the Madagascar fish eagle, banded kestrel, gmgogene,, red-capped couas, and many more. It’s marvelous to see them flying across the area and hovering on trees.


A Lemur is a kind of strepsirrhine primate class of animal. It can be found dominantly in Madagascar.  As I travelled into the town of Madagascar, it was marvelous to see the local people caring for the animals.  The village people interacted with the lemur as a pet and partner. The Lemur in real life is exactly how it was depicted in the movie Madagascar. I took a picture of the Lemur as it jumped like a human hopping around.  The sight was so adorable. Lemurs are truly extraordinary animals, and I fell in love with them.

All in all, Madagascar is truly a paradise of nature and nature’s cute friends. I will definitely be coming to this island country to experience more of the peace and serenity it offers.

Photo by babasteve on Flickr

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