London to Edinburgh by Coach

London courtesy of mariapaolairis via

London courtesy of mariapaolairis via

Whether you are planning to spend a few days in Edinburgh or you have a longer stay in Edinburgh in mind, you may be wondering what the best way to travel to the area is. Edinburgh is a charming, historic destination to visit that provides you with ample opportunities for sightseeing, shopping, cultural explorations and more. Before you can enjoy all that Edinburgh has to offer, however, you first need to find a way to get there. Traveling to Edinburgh from London by coach is perhaps the most affordable option available, but it also will take the longest amount of time.

What to Expect

Most coaches depart from London to Edinburgh at the Victoria Coach Station, and they arrive in Edinburgh at the St. Andrew Square Bus and Coach Station. Tickets for this coach trip are highly affordable, and the fare may be approximately 15 pounds or less for a one-way ticket. Your total travel time on the coach may be approximately 10 hours, but weather and traffic conditions can affect your total travel time. The travel distance is approximately 652 kilometres. Compared to around four hours for train travel, a little more than an hour for air travel and approximately seven and a half hours for car travel, you can see that this is indeed the slowest way to travel to the area. However, coach travel also offers many benefits that you simply will not enjoy through other travel methods.

The Benefits of Coach Travel

While coach travel from London to Edinburgh may be slow, it is highly affordable and convenient. Furthermore, it can also be very relaxing and enjoyable. Coaches are designed today with comfortable seating, and many have great amenities that can make your time on the road enjoyable. While you may want to take a nap or read a book, you can also enjoy the beautiful countryside of the United Kingdom roll by your window. You may have heard the cliché about getting there being half the fun, and coach travel truly provides you with the wonderful opportunity to see more of the sights without having to worry about fighting travel. You will arrive in Edinburgh relaxed and ready to enjoy all of the plans that you have in mind for your stay in the city.

When You Make Your Travel Plans

Coach travel may not be the most popular form of travel from London to Edinburgh, but the fact is that some buses are filled. This is particularly true during peak travel times, such as during the holiday season. If you plan to travel by coach from London to Edinburgh, you should consider the benefits of purchasing your ticket well ahead of your travel dates. You should also follow the coach company’s recommendations and rules regarding the amount of luggage, the size of luggage, carry-on items and arrival time. This will help you to enjoy a smoother travel experience to Edinburgh. You may also try to make plans for pick-up service from the coach depot to your hotel or cosy B&B. This may include plans to hire a car, or you may set up pick-up or shuttle service through your hotel.

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh by Saffron Blaze (Creative Commons)

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh by Saffron Blaze (Creative Commons)

Traveling by coach from London to Edinburgh can be so relaxing and enjoyable that you may decide to travel by coach on your next holidays. Coach travel is highly popular, and because of this, there are numerous travel destinations departing from London that you can choose from. Take time to research coach travel today to make your travel plans to Edinburgh and to begin planning trips to other great locations throughout the area

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