Liverpool: A Cultural Crossroad

The city of Liverpool in England United Kingdom is a pot of cultural significance that helps shape the world of today. The city has been dubbed as world and European capital of pop, in which the artist of Liverpool holds more number 1 top charting singles. Liverpool enjoys its heyday way back in the age of Atlantic cruising in the 19th and 20th centuries with the popularity of its ship building capabilities. Travelling to Liverpool is an iconic moment of seeing places that is being used in music and movies. It is a cultural crossroad as it exports many great works that the world admires and likes.


The waterfront of Liverpool is admired by people around the globe for its impressive structures and services. The most notable waterfront location is the Albert dock and pier head. The Albert dock was once the most advanced dock with high technology equipment at the time of completion.  I was amazed on the site in which I remember the scenes in the movie Titanic and other related stuffs along the dock that are very much outstanding.  At the pier head I had a glimpse of the waterfront of the port of Liverpool, the Liver, and the Cunard buildings nicknamed “the three graces. The area around the waterfront is breathtaking with the natural ambiance of air and sea.  I visited the sites where once the greatest transatlantic fleet Titanic held its office, the white star line building. I keep remembering what great time was it when that great fleet crisscrossed the Atlantic, what an era it must have been.


Liverpool has several world renowned football teams such as the Liverpool FC and Everton FC. The clubs played home games in the city, and visiting its respective stadium is a thrill to see for avid fans, and those who are not. The stadium tour is a wonderful experience to increase one’s enthusiasm on the sport.

 I visited the Liverpool FC with a group tour, and it was fascinating to see the stadium reaching fever pitch during game day. I took the LFC tour with accompanying Liverpool legends as guides. The tour lets one experience firsthand the journey of players in every game, such as going around dug outs and entrances. I took several photos of players’ jersey upon entering the locker room, and also acting like being interviewed in the press box. It is a memorable and exciting fun tour of the stadium, and I gained enough knowledge to appreciate football more.

Beatles Tour

Liverpool’s probably greatest export is the Beatles in the world of music. The Beatles tour lets one experience everything one needs to know about the singers. The songs of the Beatles actually represent real places and locations around Liverpool. The tour allows one to relieve and experience what the songs were telling by passing and stopping in every place covered in the song.

I took part in a tour and visited places like strawberry field, penny lane, the Chavasse Park in which the yellow submarine was located and which by the way is a child’s play toy, and the homes of the band members. Also, I took a chance in visiting the Beatles’ story museum and learned a thing or two about the overall reality behind the group. It is an exciting tour as I only heard it on the radio and other devices.


Liverpool has plenty of stores to meet one’s shopping experience need. The Liverpool One has more than 160 high fashion stores to cater to everyone’s desire. And on the leisure terrace is a nice and relaxing compliment of fresh coffee after one’s busy day of touring around.

Photo by wojtekgurak on Flickr

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