Life in Action: Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia is one place I visited that many consider as the livable city in the world. The city of Melbourne offers a variety of gorgeous attractions for visitors to experience. It has a multi cultural diversity among its people but still has given many opportunities to its citizens. . Melbourne has vibrant and modern appeals towards its diverse culture and architecture.   As I toured around Melbourne, I saw a number of fascinating people who were vibrant and so full of energy. Watching these people work and move has made my stay even more exciting.

Melbourne Architecture

Australia’s most European City that is Melbourne has a combination of old historic architecture as well as modern high rise buildings lining up on its streets.  The Collins Street is famous for its Victorian Skyscrapers dated way back to the 1800’s. The Melbourne General Post Office was built during the Victorian gold rush. For its modern structures constructed in 2000, the Melbourne Docklands and the Eureka Tower, an apartment building which is currently Melbourne’s tallest building. Where there are buildings, there are people and where there are people, there is action,

Sports Cup

Melbourne is Australia’s home for some world class sports.  It is the location for the first tennis grand slam of the year and the high stakes Melbourne Cup horse racing. The Australian Open Tennis match I watched held in January was spectacular. It made me want to play tennis. The world class player highlighted the events and filled the stadium of Rod laver and Hisense arena. The collaboration of culture, people, and events was just so cohesive. Also worth mentioning is the Melbourne Cup for some world class thoroughbred horse racing action that is just as exciting as the tennis events.

Sights and Sounds

The location for some best nature sites is found in Melbourne. The Yarra Valley is noted for having a great view of seeing the Australian wildlife and for some delicious wine. I watched plenty of beautiful creatures that made my heart pumped, like the Koalas, Dingoes, Wombats, and the famous Kangaroos. The tour that I joined included a hot air balloon activity that let you see the majestic landscape of the valley, it was just so fascinating. Also I enjoyed touring on the Yarra River, having to see the many wonderful buildings and attractions while on the cruise ride.

Thrilling Adventure

The adventure of trekking and travelling to Great Ocean Road was so stunning and marvelous sites and places for some adrenaline packed adventure. The Great Ocean Road is a long coastal travel of Melbourne and the country. The famous site to see in the drive is the rock formation of the twelve apostles which is somehow sculpted on the rocks. For some wild adventure I travelled with my group to a beautiful, majestic, but somehow dramatic and dangerous coastline of Ship Wreck Coast. The dive was great and to feel the body of water pushing you over and over was remarkable. For land action, the coastline drive is ideal for adventure walking. The adventure thrill in Melbourne made me want to come back for more and this time it will be on winter for some snow action at Mt. Buller. The things to do in Mt. Buller are snowshoe walking, skiing, tobogganing, and some board riding. The cold adventure thrills me and makes me eager to try it now.

Photo by fransdewit on Flickr

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