Invigorating and Captivating Busan, South Korea

Busan – South Korea’s second largest city next to Seoul is a gorgeous place full of fun and exciting things waiting to be experienced and discovered. The moment I stepped foot on its grounds, I immediately felt the dynamic atmosphere of the city. The people were very nice and accommodating, and the sights were totally breath-taking. In my traipsing around the city, I got to experience and discover Busan the way I’m sure many other tourists before have – with awe and a dumbstruck feeling.


Korea’s most, according to many, beautiful, and certainly most popular beach resides in Busan, right in the heart of Haeundae District. The Haeundae Beach is really a stunning strip of beach. In the summertime literally a line and wall of people flock and party in and along the Haeundae Beach. The atmosphere is always so festive there. Gorgeous white sands, lively beach guests, and a beautiful view of the beach horizon on a sunset – those are what I live for; and I experienced them all in Haeundae.

Also located in the Haeundae Beach is the Busan Aquarium. Around 35,000 aquatic animals inhabit this popular aquarium. Everything from penguins to piranhas is exhibited there. It was fun and refreshing to watch those cute creatures frolicking around the premises.

Shinsegae Centum City

Busan boasts a number of very captivating shopping malls. One of them is the Shinsegae Centum City. An alluring architectural design and an abundance of great shops and recreational facilities make the Shinsegae Centum City attractive to visitors and shoppers of all ages. Not to mention, the main section of the mall has been in service way before any other department store in Korea. So to top the outstanding service and stunning attractions, the Shinsegae Centum City also has a rich and colourful history that surely attracted the history buff in me.


The fun never stops in Seomyeon! That’s how I felt when I went there. The intersection between two metro lines, Seomyeon is buzzing with so many people all the time. Crowds populate the streets to eat foods from the many food stalls, bars and restaurants. Girls, like me, pretty much adore the shopping opportunities that Seomyeon provides. What is most fascinating about Seomyeon, Busan is its slew of underground shopping malls. Hundreds of great boutiques and shops line the streets of this area, just a few feet below the ground. It’s fantastic!

Jagalchi Market

I can’t help but be amazed by the simple beauty of the Jagalchi Market. Fresh seafood all day are sold in market stands manned by very amiable and friendly vendors. The whole place is so neatly kept; it practically looked like a department store than a wet market. The Jagalchi Market is the largest fish market in Korea. Just a few feet from the Nampo Port, the market sells all kinds of marine delicacies.

Dynamic Busan – a truly vibrant city that was as refreshing to experience as a breath of fresh air. Its more low-key, no stress aura, mixed with the more sophisticated and high-end aspects of the place has caught my affections, hook, line and sinker.

Photo by travelinglibrarian on Flickr

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