I Love Italy!

Italy is a place I’ve been lucky to travel to a few times. And I have to admit…. I’m in love!! There’s no country like it: the culture, the flavors, the architecture and the beauty are unending. Let me tell you about a recent trip there.


It really does deserve all the tourism it gets, purely for its uniqueness. The narrow winding streets that lead out to bridges over the canals, the massive piazzas are very cool to explore, which is how we spent most of the days. Getting lost is part and parcel of being in Venice, so we well and truly lived up to that, by becoming lost for at least a couple of hours each day. It was only annoying when it was pouring rain and the paths were all flooded, which I suppose happens quite often as a drainage system is pretty impossible in a city built on the water like that.

The best part of those few days was definitely our trip out to the Venetian islands though. Murano, famous for glass making was quite cute, but Burano was incredible! It’s only claim to fame is the fact that all the townhouses are painted different bright colours, but somehow, that little touristy ploy made it an awesome place to visit. The photos will speak for themselves.

There is absolutely no nightlife in Venice, according to the locals – it’s a city of lovers. On the last night, we went to the casino with two girls from Montreal that were staying in our room that we became good friends with and it was quite cool. To get up to the main floor all men are required to check in their coats in exchange for a suit jacket, so you can tell already it was going to be a pretty classy establishment. It was pretty empty, but still had an odd mix of old rich people, young people looking for a drink and crazy tourists throwing their money away. Watching real blackjack and roulette was pretty entertaining though.


Is such  a beautiful little city. The Tuscan sun and the old architecture gifts it with a beautiful blissful ambiance. It’s the type of city you could easily travel to once and not want to leave because of its homey feel. The food was probably one of the greatest highlights in those two days. We picked two cheap little restaurants each night for dinner and had the most delicious pasta. Along with breakfast pastries, focaccias for lunches and gelatos for dessert, the food was always perfect. The duomo in the centre of town is the fourth biggest church in the world apparently, and one of those buildings you would never get over as many times as you see it. I don’t think any photo could possibly show how immense it really is. We hiked up to the top of a hill to get a view over the city and I could have stayed looking out over everything for hours.

I’ll be back  to see Rome and make sure that I throw a coin in the Trevi fountain.

Photo by marzinians on Flickr

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