How to Eat Healthier on the Go


Eating out is a natural part of a healthy social life. Too many major social opportunities pass by when dietary fears or restrictions dictate your life. Therefore, learn how to balance being social and eating healthy. Here are some eating adjustments to make when eating out.

Make Smart Fast Food Decisions

McDonald’s and Burger King occupy nearly every corner of major cities. They seem unavoidable. Try to walk just a block further to find an even healthier fast food restaurant.

Panera Bread and Noodles and Company represent two of the many healthier fast food chains than McDonald’s and Burger King. Use each healthy fast food company’s trusty location finders to find the closest branch.

Maybe you actually live in a place where only McDonald’s establishments occupy the area. If so, try to replace an unhealthy meal with a slightly healthier alternative. For example, instead of buying a Big Mac, eat a chicken wrap, or instead of fries, eat apple slices.

Pick a Restaurant Before Going Out

To avoid make rash, unhealthy food decisions, decide where to eat before heading out of your house. Use Groupon’s business pages to find all the nearby healthy restaurants.

Groupon’s business pages show customer reviews, pictures, menu items, and a brief history of each restaurant. These guides let you know things such as what sushi restaurant ranked high for customer satisfaction in Grand Rapids (Sushi Kuni), or a highly recommended place in Providence that has many vegetable meal options (India Restaurant).

Eat Smaller Portions

In America, restaurants tend to serve larger portions than actually needed to satisfy hunger. We eat with our eyes first. Therefore, you may see a large meal and not consciously think, “This is too much for me.” You just think, “Yum! Give me.” This leads to a lot of unconscious overeating.

Start small from the beginning to combat the overeating impulse. The minute your meal arrives at your table, asks your waiter to pack half of it away, leaving you with only half of a meal to eat. You finish it without overeating and have leftovers for Monday dinner.

Another way to downsize portions is to order two appetizers instead of an entire entrée.

These tips may seem simple but they go a long way with helping you maintain your dietary goals without sacrificing your social life.

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