Health and Wellbeing Trends

Stott Pilates Instructor Training at Toronto Corporate Training Center

Stott Pilates Instructor Training at Toronto Corporate Training Center

Health and Wellness trends vary from country to country. In your travels it may be quite fun to seek out unique ways people in other countries take care of their skin, hair and nails for example. There must be some similarities and yet some striking differences. Or it would be quite interesting to see what fitness activities are popular for men and women to partake in that keep them happy and fit. You might be surprised to find out the trends we love, folks in other countries love too. And in fact, many beauty, health, wellness and fitness history started in other countries. However, with the American way of inventiveness and ingenuity these movements expanded and now we enjoy them to a greater propensity even today.

For example, Pilates was created Joseph Hubertus Pilates who was a German immigrant to the United States in 1926 and with his partner Clara Trier settled in New York City. In the early part of the 1960s, Joe and Clara had New York dancers as part of their clientele. George Balanchine who was appropriately dubbed a ‘genius of the body’ was a student of Joe and Clara. He branched out and began to teach this exercise method to the dance community. Joseph Pilates transformed his health and his body and was inspired by the ancient Greek ideal of the perfection of the mind, spirit and body.  He showed actual proof of this by developing his own talent and skill as a body builder, wrestler, gymnast, boxer, skier and diver.

About the effects of his program, J.H. Pilates is quoted as saying “10 session you feel a difference, 20 sessions you see a difference, 30 sessions you will have a new body.” And striving for a new body is exactly what you can do by trying out a Pilates program like this one in a community near you today

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