Fun Traipsing in Chicago

Oftentimes, in my travels, I find myself more drawn to the peaceful and less populated areas in a certain place. In my opinion, too many people just take away the beauty of a particular site. That’s not the case in Chicago, though. I was surprised to be so attracted to the very populous places, in this mighty city of Illinois, just as much as the less crowded ones. The whole state is simply that wonderful. Everywhere I looked, there’s something to find entertaining. I saw many museums, artistic theatres, parks, and commercial malls and buildings.

The Museums

Chicago is the best place for the artists and the art enthusiasts. The Windy City sure knows its art. The museums in Chicago are some of the best and most well-known in the U.S. Here is a list of the ones I was able to visit and that I know fellow guests would not want to miss:

  • The Field Museum of Natural History

The Field Museum is renowned for its collection of dinosaur bones and skeletons. It also showcases a great array of taxidermies, such as that of the Lions of Tsavo, and many other small and big animals. Of course, the biggest and most prominent attraction in the Field Museum would be Sue, the largest and most intricately preserved T-rex skeleton and fossil known in the world.

  • The Art Institute Museum

Known to house a very comprehensive collection of over 260,000 artworks from all over the world, The Art Institute Museum is a must see for any art lover and art historian alike. Displaying around 5,000 years of man’s eye for beauty and self-expression, the museum has an assortment of everything from paintings to sculptures, and pieces of architecture, created by the greatest artists in the world.

  • Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry was definitely a fun museum excursion experience. Trying out a number of their interactive exhibits myself had me feeling like 10 year-old again. I saw a lot of families visiting the museum together.

The Theaters

Broadway plays, musicals, and many more astounding performances populate the Chicago performing arts sector. Some of the most popular theaters in the city are the Chicago Shakespeare Theater and the Chicago Theater.

Well-known for its top-notch quality plays, the gorgeous newly renovated Chicago Shakespeare Theater is an attraction that has brought many tourists to Chicago by itself. The museum is noted for its great renditions of Shakespeare literary works, but it also performs other old and contemporary plays, like the Shrek play. On the other hand, the Wonder Theatre of the World – the Chicago Theater, boasts not only great and high quality performances, its building structure itself is a sight of wonder. Adding more mystique and elegance to the performance’s atmosphere, the Chicago Theater’s interiors are beautifully adorned with priceless artworks and even a ceiling mural.

The Parks

There are many gorgeous parks in the city of Chicago. One of them is the Grant Park. This park contains the Buckingham Fountain, a stunning fountain donated by Kate Buckingham to the city in 1927 in honor of her brother Clarence Buckingham. The Lincoln Park, Chicago’s largest city park, is also a sight to see for those visiting the city.

Photo by justinwkern on Flickr

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