Festivals, on a Budget

Reading Festival by Ian Wilson

Reading Festival by Ian Wilson

The festival season may have started, with the epic-ness of Glastonbury over for another year, but luckily for everyone that didn’t make it to Michael Eavis’ brainchild, there are still plenty of festivals left to take us through until the autumn. Whether you’re attending the annual Leeds or Reading weekend for the umpteenth time, or you’re popping your festival cherry with one of the mainland European options, one of the main things you need to consider is your budget. Finances can easily go out of the window at a festival, when hot meals cost a fortune and drinks prices are through the roof.

However, if you’re sensible, you can enjoy a festival on a budget without scrimping on the enjoyment. From buying some essential threads from ASDA George, to taking a cooler box of goodies so that you avoid having to shell out on food from the stalls in the arena, here are some great tips that can help your cash go as far as possible when it comes to festies this year.

Share the Load

If you don’t have a tent already, avoid heading to the shops to buy one unless you absolutely need to. Chances are, you’ll have a couple of mates that are taking a massive 6-man tent with at least two compartments that, if you ask them nicely, they will be willing to share with you.

Car pool, where possible, too. If you’re driving to the festival and you have a couple of empty seats, offer to take a couple of your friends in return for cash for petrol. If you split the fuel bill equally, you will save money before you even step foot into the festival site.

Are you and a couple of friends heading to a festival and planning to camp together? If you need to buy things new, share the load. For example, if your mates pick up a cheap gazebo and a couple of camping chairs, you could sort out the camping stove, utensils and any pots or pans you might need.

Camping at a festival

Think Ahead

It’s likely that it will get rather cold during the night, so make sure you travel prepared. Even when it’s blistering hot during the day (if it is at all!), it can get incredibly chilly as darkness falls, and if you haven’t packed a hoodie or two to cuddle up in, you’ll end up spending cash on blankets from the on-site shop. Avoid spending unnecessarily and take clothing for all weather possibilities.

Head to George before you travel and you can pick up some great value hoodies and cardigans that will keep you toasty at 4am in the morning.

Eat at the Campsite

It’s tempting to take plenty of cash so that you can eat and drink whatever you want when you head into the arena, and chances are you will buy something when you’re in there – especially if you don’t plan on returning to your tent until the music is over. However, if you take enough food to sort you out for the breakfasts and snacks, you will spend less on frivolous buys like plates of chips and mushy peas.

Have a plan in your head, and stick to it. Perhaps one hot meal a day is your aim, or maybe you plan on taking as much food as you can so that you don’t spend while you’re there. Whatever you do, don’t spend money on food to eat at the tent and not end up eating it – that’s just a waste.

Festivals can be expensive if you allow them to be. However, with a little forethought and some common sense, you can enjoy the festival vibes without burning a hole into your pocket.

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