Experience a Husky Safari in Lapland

Want to try a trip or tour that is rarely seen in many vacation packages? Try experiencing a unique kind of safari. The husky safari in the Scandinavian region brings forth a fresh perspective and glimpse of a new way of life. The safari adventure lets one indulge in the activity in the wilderness of the Arctic Circle while travelling with faithful companion dog sledding huskies. The mushing or dog sledding lets one enjoy the beauty of travelling with the ambiance of Mother Nature.  Added to it is a chance to see the northern lights along with the cute dogs.


Lapland is a region within the Arctic Circle that stretches to the boundaries of Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia. Nowadays the name Lapland has been divided by Finland and Sweden. The region along the Lapland called Korvatunturi has been acknowledged by some notable countries such as England, France, Ireland, Romania, Latvia, and Serbia along with Finland and Sweden as the home of Father Christmas the personification of Christmas season. Father Christmas is somehow part of the origin of the United States made icon Santa Claus. The said location of Father Christmas brings forth an attraction that is mostly authentic as it is being done in Lapland, in Santa Claus Village. The Santa Claus Village offers a unique perspective of being in a real world in which Santa lives and works. It has a post station for supposedly gift requests of children around the world who are either naughty or nice.


A husky is a medium built size dog that can withstand heavy workload and extreme condition. These types of dogs have a dense coat in layers throughout their bodies keeping the huskies survive in the harsh conditions of the Arctic winters. The almond shape eyes, pointed noses, along with the dense make the huskies a picture of quality dogs.  The image made the transition from being working dogs to cute and cuddly pets. The huskies have been famous in the mainstream through the exploit in radio and movie of the historic called “the great race of mercy”. The popular dogs Balto and Togo made the 1,085 km dog sled run from Nenana Alaska to Nome Alaska together with more than 150 dogs and 20 mushers to deliver vaccines to help save the youths of Nome. The story of the great race of mercy helps keep the spirit of dog sledding expressed in the form of art and recreation.


The Scandinavian regions of Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland offer such unique and truly nature loving adventure into the wilderness. This adventure includes an iconic form of transportation, the dog sled. The White Circle winter experience travel company provides one an opportunity to take leap as once done in the historic great race of mercy. The adventure will let one befriended by one of man’s cutest best friend, the Siberian Husky. The adventurer will handle its own team of adorable and dependable dogs, while sledding across the Arctic Circle. To cap the affair is to stay in an authentic and original cabin that was used dating many years back with no electricity; accompanied by a delicious meal straight from the fire and having sauna after a long mushing.  It is a truly one of a kind adventure into the wild and passing towns such as Muonio, Harriniva, and Saija.

Photo by timo_w2s on Flickr

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