Enchanting Toulouse, France

Toulouse is a city in southwestern France that is home to tantalizing scenery together with its enchanting landscapes. The city is full of cultural and historical significance that is being passed down to different generations. Toulouse has been around for 2,000 years dating to the Romans, Celts, and others that help define what the city is today.

The places around Toulouse mesmerized me as the region is full of fascinating scenery that made me want to stay for a longer period of time. It is joie de vivre or the enjoyment of life while being around the city.

Airbus Tour

Toulouse offers a remarkable tour around the Airbus facility in the city that caters to the aircraft enthusiasts as well as to the casual visitors.  The tour around the factory is a must for aircraft savvy individuals as it offers a unique view of the assembly of aircrafts. The biggest attraction in the assembly line is the final assembly of many wide body aircrafts particularly the iconic A-380.  And the Clement Ader site in which one can see the operation of A300-600 ST Beluga.

My impression of the assembly area is astonishing as I saw the joining of parts for many wide body aircrafts to become one new plane. I toured around the complex and saw the cockpit area and the research facility that provided me a new outlook on the safety of aircrafts. As I saw the final assembly and testing of aircrafts such as the A330, A340, and A340-500, the experience was self assuring for me to fly comfortably.

Historic Landmarks

There are historical landmarks in the city which are being declared by the UNESCO as World Heritage Site, and these are the Basilica Saint Sernin and Canal Du Midi. The Basilica of Saint Sernin as it contained the body of St. Saturnin or St. Sernin. The basilica is built during the Roman times with the architectural style that is similar to a capitol with elaborated detailed façade. The canal du midi on the other hand is a 241 km long canal that connects Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea.

The basilica is a place of worship but occasionally people can enter and explore this large Roman church. The historic scene of the church made me nostalgic of the Roman days as it still has remnants of the artifacts and ruins of those eras. While the canal du midi is a means of transportation to cross the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, it is also a good area for relaxing and having a comfortable ambiance. I took a trip along the canal and saw some luxury hotel barges that were so cool to witness, together with bars and cafes that made the tour truly wonderful.

Cycling Tour

France is famous in the cycling world particularly in the tour de France. The cycling tour is good to do in Toulouse to view the wonderful sites that can be seen along the bike trail.  It is a beautiful thing to do. A Tour De France on the other hand gives individuals an opportunity to take the trail of the great cycling event with an accompanying tour guide.

The cycling tour is good for physical exercise as well as the best way to see the beautiful surroundings of the city. I made a bike tour along the canal du midi and it was entertaining for me as I did not only sweat from exercise but relaxed as well in the shops along the trail. And because of this experience, I’m thinking of taking the Tour de France tour package soon.

Beautiful Scenery

Toulouse and most of France is full of fascinating and beautiful scenery mostly due to its mountainous areas. The surrounding landscape of Toulouse is a joyful site and together with its hospitable people, they made visitors want to stay for a long time.

I too fell under spell on the beauty of the Toulouse landscape, as it gave me and other people the positive energy for visiting the place. The surrounding area anywhere in the city was truly magical in which the mountains and rainforest gave a nicer weather that made relaxation truly amiable.

Photo by meneldur on Flickr

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