Enchanting São Paulo

São Paulo is Brazil’s largest city and one of the world’s biggest cities. A city full of people and wonderful sights, São Paulo is a delight to visit. Nothing beats a great vacation soaking up the sun and lively atmosphere of a Latin city. São Paulo is certainly that and much much more. This humungous city is also Brazil’s economic giant.  Home to some of the most prominent stock exchanges in the world, like the São Paulo Stock Exchange and the Cereal Market Stock Exchanges, São Paulo is an alpha world city with a massive influence in the whole country’s, and even the world’s,  economy, culture and politics.

Brooklin Novo

The Brooklin Novo or the New Brooklyn gives out the quintessential New York vibe. Tall buildings and stunning pieces of architecture populate the neighbourhood of Brooklin Novo. I was astonished by the number of modern buildings in the area. Walking along the streets of Brooklin Novo is like walking along Wall Street. Actually, the neighbourhood is quite similar to Wall Street, seeing that it is one of the centers of finance in the city, and even the whole country. Big companies, luxury hotels and malls take residence in Brooklin Novo, making it the center for wealth and luxury as well.

Credicard Hall

The grand Credicard Hall music theatre is a stunning sight to behold. With its impressive design and architectural beauty, the hall never ceases to amaze the audience, guests and performers alike. I, for one, was amazed by its majesty. The Credicard Hall is one of the largest, if not the largest, entertainment venues in the whole country, and even the whole of Latin America. Its size and magnificence are both overwhelming and awe inspiring at the same time.

Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo

One of the most revered and sought after museums in Brazil, the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo is also the oldest art museum in São Paulo. Known for its very dynamic activities calendar, the Pinacoteca has a continuous array of exhibits and cultural events all lined up throughout the year. I got to participate in some of their activities and I have to say they were very enjoyable. The artworks displayed in this museum were, I was told, some of the best in the country, and even the world.

Sala São Paulo

Located within the Julio Prestes Cultural Center building, the Sala São Paulo is state of the art and top quality concert hall where symphonic concerts are held and appreciated by many. Accommodating around 1,500 seating capacity, the Sala São Paulo is designed to really reflect the best quality sounds from each musical performance. The hall also carries a neat feature of having a adjustable ceiling. This ensures that every concert will have a custom hall arrangement that is molded to the type of music being performed.

Obelisk of São Paulo

Standing proud at 72 meters high, the Obelisk of São Paulo is a symbol of resilience and strength. Being the city’s biggest monument, the Obelisk is really hard to miss. Its impressive size and stunning architectural design also add to its undeniable allure.

Photo by whltravel on Flickr

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