Don’t miss the best chance to see the Northern Lights in 10 years

As stated in the study conducted by NASA or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the solar cycle and activity will reach its maximum peak this year and it is expected to be this December. The solar cycle which is the primary protagonist in creating northern lights has an 11 year cycle; and the end of this current cycle is in December. The sun releases its charged particles into the atmosphere, which illuminates the sky. At the end of its cycle there is a thing called solar flip, or a reversal of the sun’s polar magnetic field. This is the best time to see the majestic wonder of the northern lights.

Northern Lights

The northern lights or the aurora borealis is a phenomenon in which the high altitude atmosphere or thermosphere collide into the energy charged particles with/of atoms. The collision is then formed with the interaction of the sun’s charged particles and earth’s magnetic field making a visual presentation in the sky. The northern lights as the name suggest can be seen in the northern latitude. The aurora borealis and other types of aurora are mostly visible during night time as they cannot overpower the brightness of the sun’s ray. The effect of the aurora in the night sky is making it like a canvass with a painter throwing colors and creating waves of colorful patterns. The magnificent display of moving lights is so awesome, that one can read anything even at night. The color it creates is a green and greenish appearance with an occasional faint red to see.


As the aurora borealis is best seen this year in the whole decade, several sites and places offer a great vacation package to tourists and visitors to experience this elegant phenomenon as the locals do. In Finland, the Aurora Zone travel company offers the best way to enjoy this natural phenomenon while visiting the country. In the town of Luosto the Hotel Aurora provides relaxing comfort to guests with fine concierge and amenities not to be denied. The best part of the hotel service is that it has a sauna in each room with an aurora borealis alert and alarm which constantly monitors the light events. The other events that Aurora Zone and the Hotel Aurora provide are visiting the reindeer farms, visiting the amethyst mines, and travelling with cuddly huskies.


When one is visiting Iceland and want to experience the phenomenon of the northern lights the Aurora Zone will help get one’s wishes come true.  In the capital of Reykjavik one can experience the many other natural wonders found in the country. These natural wonders include the waterfalls of Gulfoss, the hot spring of geysers, volcanoes, and parks. And to culminate one’s stay in Iceland, the Aurora Zone books tourist and visitors to Hotel Ranga. The hotel Ranga is in the countryside of the capital and is the best spot of possible encounter with the ever beautiful aurora borealis in the sky. The uninterrupted views from world renowned hotels will make northern lights watching more memorable, meaningful, and romantic.

Photo by annewalsh on Flickr

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