Destination Keelung Taiwan

Keelung is a provincial city in Northeast part of the country of Taiwan. It is one of the busiest and largest seaports of Taiwan along with Kaohsiung, and its natural harbor that surrounds the port which is pleasing to the eyes. The wonderful scenery of a little town appeals with a rich history of the city’s existence dating back many years ago. It is an incredible thing to revisit and learn the story behind.     


Keelung’s heritage lies on its association to the port along with the good fortune it brings. Keelung’ culture is diverse because of the influences of mainland Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, and Americans comprising the city with a unique blend of architecture and tradition that will delight many visitors.

What I like in Keelung of today is its industrial process in many factories operating a variety of goods. And these factories are now part of tourism for visitors to experience the routines of a factory and the astonishing science and logic that comes with them.  The factory tour is divided into five categories of art, daily necessities, home improvement, food and wine, and health and beauty. I went to the beauty tour and learned a lot from it through the progress of cosmetics and other stuffs which is great.


Taiwan is full of delicious dishes, and in Keelung is no exception like the different soups, noodles, and rice puddings. In Keelung one can experience the food culture in one of several night markets for a blend of good cuisine with the elegance of the night sky. Take for instance, the Keelung Market which offers tempura, fried sandwich, bean paste noodles and many more to delight the savory taste.

I went to Shilin Night market to have Taiwanese snack treats of dumplings, spring roll, and braised pork to satisfy my hungry stomach. Then I went further to Ningxia Night Market to cap off the night of food galore.


Keelung as being a major seaport is equipped with several beautiful mountains that surround the port.  The harbor is breathtaking as well as the elegant waterways along with it. This harbor can be visible for sightseeing purposes; there is a viewing section on the port or the Keelung Maritime Plaza to witness the daily routine happening at the area. One can roam around the long stretch of the port or can hop in for some shore excursion.

I find it astounding to watch the daily routines of the port such as the come and go of ships that are carrying goods, cars, and other stuffs; a delightful thing to see. The movement of people is remarkable just like when I visited Keelung in a cruise ship form Japan.  There was another cruise ship and some passenger vessels all jam packed the harbor.   The sight was awesome.  Upon staying in the city I took a scenic boat around the harbor for a more unforgettable journey to Keelung.


LOHAS or Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability is a practice promoting healthy living of individuals. The LOHAS promotes self awareness of one’s body, and take the necessary steps in developing healthy lifestyle. In Keelung and all of Taiwan offers an oriental blend of physical and mental balance of one’s body by doing yoga, Tai chi, Zen meditation, and soaking in a hot spring. The surrounding scenery of Keelung brings forth the energy needed to re energize.

As I travel in Keelung Province I went to different hot springs that best suit my temperature that would ease any stress and tension in my body. The Fish Foot Spa is unique for me as I put my feet in the water, and then the little fishes nibbled and relieved me of some stress. The eating part is a tickling encounter.

Photo by andyenero on Flickr

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