Cruising with Bingo

World Championship Bingo Tournament & Gaming Cruise aboard the Crown Princess

Even if there are a lot of travelling options available to tourists, many still choose to hop aboard a ship to have a cruise holiday. Old souls and romantics are fans of cruising because they appreciate the everyday sunset view on deck as well as the saltiness of the sea air as they breathe in. Cruising has regained popularity now that the itineraries offered as well as the comfortable accommodations promised by the ships appeal to travellers. Some of the reasons for taking a cruise are stated in an article published by the Travel section of the Sydney Morning Herald, and the first pertains to the convenience of unpacking only once. You get to the ports of different countries, but you don’t have to drag your luggage around since it’s safe on your cabin. Travellers get good value for their money, and the destinations offered are usually diverse. Most of all, cruise ships are now as luxurious as five-star resorts.

Most cruise lines come up with strategies in order to make their ships unique, and they add entertainment aboard like casinos and bingo games. Gaming enthusiasts are now the target market of cruise companies. So if you enjoy the occasional rounds of bingo in UK’s London Palace or online at cheekybingo, rest assured that you need not give the game up when you travel aboard a cruise ship. There are a number of ship lines that will cater to your gaming needs, with the promise of a prize on top of the marvellous time you’re having when going from one port to another.

One of the cruise ships that offer bingo games is the Crown Princess. To celebrate its silver anniversary, the cruise ship will feature the World Championship Bingo Tournament & Gaming Cruise from November 9th to 16th. Cruise through the Southern Caribbean while being entertained on the ship’s offered bingo games. Winners of the final game will get a free cruise for two on next year’s Bingo Cruise. Now that’s a rewarding way to travel.

Photo by archer10 on Flickr.

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