Charming Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a charming resort town in Mexico fronting the bay of flags in the Pacific Coast of the country. Puerto Vallarta is a tourist destination for its magnificent display of friendliness among the people. The vibrant culture of the resort town makes up for a tantalizing visit.

The nature friendly atmosphere in town allows me comfortably to walk and roam around the resort.  And the town sites, they are so cozy to watch and visit. My visit to Puerto Vallarta is truly meaningful and a fruitful adventure.

Marine Life Watching

In the months of December till April the resort city of Puerto Vallarta opens its doors to the calving whales. The Banderas Bay or simply the Bahia de Banderas gives the best spot to seeing these beautiful creatures. The many ocean tours for seeing marine life is a great escapade to partake.

The marine life watching is so surreal for me, as my journey begins with a briefing from an ocean guide. My eyes glitter in fascination upon seeing the several majestic humpback whales which surface just around the boat I am in.  Along with whales are the ever adorable dolphins which mystically watch us in the boat. The trip around the bay is so wonderful.

Water Activities

The bay around Puerto Vallarta offers many wonderful and exciting adventures in the water. The bay has natural elegance with its surrounding landscape which is ideal for some adventure time. The resort town provides adventure on the sea with sports like kayaking, sailing, surfing, and many more.

 One of my favorite things to in Puerto Vallarta is to go on a sailing escapade around the bay area. The yacht sails through the Pacific Ocean with spectacles that are so mystifying. Upon reaching certain point we are allowed to go snorkeling in the ocean, but what I found interesting is that the yacht has some fishing gears for us to try to catch some fish. And that for me is one of a kind.

Land Trekking

The adventures in Puerto Vallart do not end on the waters of the Pacific Ocean but continues on land. The horseback riding activities in Puerto Vallarta that enables one to go to different small villages and be able to interact with the local community. One will be going to adventure the jungles of Puerto Vallarta with professional guiding one through the area is cool.

The zip line adventure though it scared me a bit, but it is truly one magnificent thrill ride. The trees that I gazed as I zip down the lines are a wonderful backdrop over the picturesque environment. The thrill calms down as I watched over the elegance of the rainforest located in the Sierra Madre Mountains that is so beautiful


Puerto Vallarta has some cool festivals that are worth partaking upon staying in the resort town. The theme of flower and gardening is much seen around late February with courses, tours, workshops about the many types of flowers, craftsmanship in decorating and garden design.

I had been to Puerto Vallarta around May, in which it is packed with tourists and visitors trying to watch the cultural festival. The colorful display of culture in the festival delighted me to enjoy the festive mood of traditional Mexican music, Canadian songs, and Arabic-Latin fusion music whose performances overwhelm me with fascination.

Photo by hbarrison on Flickr

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