Carlisle, UK: A Slice of Ancient England’s Culture

Carlisle is one of those places in North West England which boasts of rich culture and heritage, all prominent in the various tourist attractions and landmarks scattered in the place. For those travellers who are looking for a slice of Ancient English Culture, a trip to Carlisle is a definite must. Where in Carlisle should you go? Why not start with the three top tourist attractions of Carlisle listed below?

Carlisle Castle

For nine centuries the Carlisle Castle has stood as one of the most important landmarks not only of Carlisle or Cumbria, but also of England. This castle which dates back to the medieval times has obvious wear and tear on the outside, but nonetheless has that country side charm that the boroughs of England and UK are known for.

Taking a walk inside the castle is like being transported back in time. You’ll find mysterious medieval carvings on the walls of the fortress, as well as ghastly dungeons where prisoners were once held. Don’t forget to visit the Captain’s Tower and the Warden’s Apartment as well.

Hadrian’s Wall

Much of the wall have been dismantled and left to ruins, but whatever remains is still worth seeing because of its historical significance. Hadrian’s Wall formed part of the Roman’s defences when they were still in control of this section of the land. Built sometime in the 120 AD, the wall also served as a marker for the Roman’s territory. The wall stretched for about 80 miles or so, from the coasts of the North Sea in the West to the coasts of the Irish Sea in the East. Despite the fresh countryside air and the relaxing environment, do note that the walk is long and so you should be sure to avail of the cheapest travel insurance for backpackers available.

Today, there is a national trail which hikers can follow along the route of Hadrian’s Wall. Along the way you’ll find remains of the almost 20 forts that the Romans built, which were big enough to house over five hundred soldiers and had its own hospital and bakery as well.

Carlisle Cathedral

Carlisle cathedral is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful landmarks and tourist attractions of Carlisle. It is located in one of the most historic quarters of Carlisle, and so there are so much to see around the Cathedral once you’re done visiting it.

Carlisle Cathedral was built in the in the earlier parts of the 12th century, and was the subject of several disasters like the fires in the 13th and 14th centuries. However, renovations were always undertaken to ensure that the church remains functional even in Carlisle’s most devastating moments.

One of the things that attract visitors to the cathedral are the beautiful stained glass windows, especially the one in the east window which was said to date back to the 14th century. The Flemish alter piece is another antique which the cathedral values, dating back to the 16th century. You’ll find various other beautiful and lovely works of arts inside Carlisle Cathedral, like the ornate wood carvings and medieval painted panels. Don’t miss the crypt as well where you’ll find displays of treasures owned by the cathedral and nearby parishes.

Photo by benandclare on Flickr

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