Boston Massachusetts: A Cultural and Educational Center

Boston is a city in the state of Massachusetts in the United States. The city of Boston and its state is home to many American historical accounts like the ones in the country’s revolution. Another fascinating to see in the city and state are its rich cultural background and center of futuristic perspective.

When I visited Boston, I was fascinated by the places which used to be in history books alone but are now properly preserved into a national historical park. Also I found it alluring the educational sector of the state.

Historical Importance

Boston has been an integral part of the American society dating back to the days of revolution. The city has several interactive historical facilities such as the likes of the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museums. In this museum one will relive the moments during the tea party. The museum is a floating structure which also serves as a re enactment theatre. The actors and actresses display their talents in providing life to the rich history of the tea party.

I visited the tea party museum and I’m astonished about the scenery and ambiance of the tour.  I was fortunate to watch the historical videos and learn the values of the story. And not forgetting to mention are the actors who definitely did a great job as they convinced me to feel like a true Americana. Also worth seeing are the several wax figures of important persons. The museum is a cool place to see.

Sports Legacy

Boston has a rich background when it comes to sports. The city has several key sports teams that the world has known to like. Visiting places such as stadium, arena, and gymnasium is a worthwhile experience especially watching the game for the first time. The variety of world class arena hosts different teams like the Gillette stadium for American football and the TD Garden for basketball, which is now becoming increasingly popular globally.  And the place to watch and play America’s favorite past time baseball is at the famous Fenway Park.

Along the journey in discovering the cultural aspects of Boston, my own way, I found it exciting to see the sheer joy and happiness of the many spectators watching the game. The people I met were so knowledgeable and patriotic of their home teams that made me feel the rush of adrenaline. And besides the game, touring the different stadium is fun as it creates an alluring appeal just by looking at it. And I definitely like the foods like hotdogs, fries, and others along with eating like a local.

Educational Journey

The state of Massachusetts is home to several key universities that the world has recognized. These universities serve as front runners in science, engineering, economics, and politics to name a few. The schools like M.I.T. or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard. These schools produce key personalities that help shape the world from presidents of the United States to the creators of computer related systems.

My journey to the educational fields of Massachusetts made me realize the importance of education. I feel the jitters as I walk on the soils of these schools as I was reminded of the many significant figures that these schools have produced. The scenery and ambiance of a top class institution is a luxury even just for a visit. The school allows a tour inside the campus and its specialized museum. It is truly a center for education.


The festival like the fourth of July is one of the important holidays in the city and the nation. The festival serves as a reminder of the day the country was liberated from the British rule and commemorating the declaration of independence.

What I like when I partake of the festivities in Boston on the Fourth of July is the sheer magnitude of joyous celebration from carnivals and fairs to a memorable reunion among family members. And to culminate the festivity, I’m so ecstatic to watch the fireworks displays and other gun salutes to honor the Fourth of July. I felt the excitement of visiting the city with adrenaline rush.

Photo by dougtone on Flickr

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