Asia’s Gateway Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the primary gateways moving to places from across the region such as in the South East Asian area. The region of Hong Kong provides a great lay over for many migrant workers. This migration has made Hong Kong into one of the busiesttravel destinations for all types of people.  I, myself has been intrigued on the mystique of this place having obtained ideas from many travelling friends and some migrant workers, I then visited the gateway which is Hong Kong.  And what I found out was exactly what was reported to me in the first place. It is a wonderful place to explore.  My journey took me to places I personally liked and am recommending to all wanting to see the majesty of Hong Kong.

Food Tour

The streets of Hong Kong are filled with travelers as well as foods around the area. The streets are packed with stalls providing good food like the ones in the Central and Sheung Wan districts, the business places of Hong Kong offer a variety of food stores to choose from. The district provides a glimpse of the past with some colonial architecture, an attraction besides the food. The food served in the neighborhood is being passed down from generation to generation, so as to provide great cuisine. I stumbled into a wanton shop to take in the flavor of the soup and the wanton noodles.  It was so delicious.  After some exploring of the streets of Hong Kong, I happened to be in the vicinity of Kowloon area of Sham Shui and there had a taste of braised goose and ducks.

Boat Ride

Travelling around Hong Kong and nearby Macau is best done in ferry rides. The harbor of Hong Kong offers a variety of ships and ferries crossing the waters; a stunning view to watch as time passes by. I watched the ferries moving in and out of Hong Kong terminal going to Macau.It was pretty interesting, and it was like watching a show on theatre. And at night I went on a harbor cruise riding on a Chinese style boat, and was able to see the hues of orange and pink serene skyline of Hong Kong. The ride tour I took brought me to different causeways in Hong Kong, and I saw the neon lights that lighted the panoramic view of the area. I just found it wonderful to see the boats and harbors in my journey to Hong Kong.

Avenue of Stars

 The Asia’s answer to the Hollywood walk of fame is the avenue of stars. One can walk on the names of famous Hong Kong actors along the TsimShaTsui waterfronts. And one can be greeted with a 4.5 meters replica of the statuette or trophy given by the Hong Kong film Awards. I was excited to see the statuette as it is remarkably sculpted. For me the best thing to see is the statue of the legendary Bruce Lee who is in a ready to fight stand.The statues are fascinating as they have been put in the region where the kung fu films originated. And for another scenic attraction, is to watch the movements along the waterfront for a delightful view.

 The Peak

One of the stunning places to visit in Hong Kong is the Peak. The peak is home for the rich and famous since the colonial era. Today, visitors can visit and a must visit the place, as one can explore the wonders of Hong Kong at the top of the peak. The view from the peak is astounding especially under the clear sky above Hong Kong. At the peak I did not only discover the beauty of Hong Kong skyline up high but was also amazed by the anvil shape tower of the peak and added to the wonder was exploring the area using the beautiful peak tram.

Photo by question_everything on Flickr

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