All by Myself!

We’re going to discuss a taboo subject now, one that will spring up images of being lonely, saddos and people who have no friends.

Lone travel.

All of the above generalisations are wrong, and I can hand on heart say this because I am a frequent lone traveller, and I am in no way lonely or sad, and I have many friends, thank you very much!

I will admit, it’s not for everyone, but for a former shy girl like me, I believe my first brave travel session all alone was the thing that made me step out of my comfort zone, embrace the world and pushed me to be more confident. I am a shy-girl hidden very well in a now confident woman’s body! I put all this down to that first holiday in Turkey on my own. I wasn’t on my own for very long, I met many people all doing the same thing, who are now my firm friends. This is the way it will almost always go – you’ll meet new friends, and your holiday will go from lone, to group in a short space of time.

I was worried about my first lone holiday, however it was at the time that or no holiday whatsoever. My friends had all decided to either not go away, or head off on their jollies with family and partners. Being the only single girl in our group, I decided I wouldn’t sit at home all summer without a break, and booked to go back to a place I’d been a few times before, so I felt comfortable. The moment I landed I felt at home, and the sun gave me that all important confidence boost.

If this is your first lone holiday, don’t worry about being alone, because you’ll find when you’re sat in a restaurant on your own, there will be others doing the same. The trick is to talk! If you see someone else on their own, and you don’t want to sit alone anymore, approach them, or make conversation with the person at the next table, see what happens. It’s through this I met many of my firm friends, and we now all go away together.

Treat yourself pre-holiday by pampering yourself a little, to relax any nerves you may have. I did this the first time I went alone solo, and I booked into one of the Edinburgh Airport hotels with Holiday Extras. I enjoyed my night, spent chilling out and focusing on the fun I was planning on having in the sun. It certainly went a long way to calming me down and I believe the lack of pre-flight stress went a long way to helping me relax on that holiday. Another travel add-on I can’t holiday without, is insurance. Imagine losing thousands on a holiday you’ve worked so hard to save up for. Not for me. Travel insurance is one of the first things I sort out, having that protection allows me to relax and enjoy myself.

Be brave – you never know who you might meet on that first solo holiday, maybe the love of your life, your soulmate, or a friend for life. Time alone is good for the soul, and new experiences are what life is made of.

Photo by didmyself on Flickr

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