About - Girl With A Notebook


Me and my notebook. I have to admit we go everywhere together and I go to a lot of places and I take a lot of notes. My passions are varied but if you were going to press me then I’d say travel tops the list, followed by fashion (I’m a girl after all), technology (not just for the boys you know!) and all things to do with creating a beautiful home. Because that’s the thing with me, I am a bag of contradictions.

Whilst I love nothing more than grabbing a backpack and taking off for as little as a few days and as long as six months of travel, nothing feels better than coming home. My hope is that my eclectic tastes don’t confuse but rather that the ramblings I first create in my notebook, and then shape into what I hope are useful articles across a range of lifestyle topics, are of interest to you! If not, I won’t be offended if you don’t read on.